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Thank You For Not Being Afraid – Part 1

When I began this post weeks ago, Paris hadn’t happened, Chicago hadn’t happened, WWU hadn’t happened, San Bernardino hadn’t happened. I started writing this post because while things in our family have been difficult recently, I am consciously trying not … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Life is to Enjoy Every Moment–and Other Annoying Platitudes

Last night, as on most winter evenings, I had a hankering for a cup of tea, so I reached into the cupboard and pulled out a bag of Yogi’s Lemon Ginger. I am a tea person, and Yogi tea blends … Continue reading

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BOGO Babies, Bogus Research, and BOGO Rulings

As some of you know, Kris and I jokingly refer to the twins as our BOGO babies. We actually weren’t the first to bestow this title. Many years ago, one of my very straight grad school friends asked us if … Continue reading

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Winter Birthdays and AP Headlines

Last weekend, Alex turned three. Two years ago for her first birthday, we sent out party invitations and ended up with a full house: 25 adults and 11 children. To say that Alex was overwhelmed is like saying the Affordable … Continue reading

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New novel, Flight, is out–finally…

I say finally because with our current family situation, writing time has been hard to find. Not to mention time to edit a final draft, design the book cover, proof the print copy, and code the ebook version… But it’s … Continue reading

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Obviously, I don’t have much time to blog these days. Not with a full-time job, a wife, six-month-old twins, a toddler, and the novel I’m desperately trying to complete. As hundreds (okay, dozens) of strangers and friends have commented, I’m … Continue reading

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Peace, Love, and Incessant Crying

The twins turned five weeks old yesterday, and I thought I would offer some observations about the experience so far for anyone who might be curious. First off, parenting two newborns is not as hectic as I anticipated it would … Continue reading

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