Reviews/ Reader Comments

Reviews and Reader Comments for In the Company of Women, released July 2015

  • Rainbow Book Reviews, July 2015: “This book is a definite treat, but more so since I am a history buff. Now that doesn’t normally include military history for me, however, this book looks at women in the WACS and WAVES during the middle of World War II, providing an up-front and personal sense of the life female military and supporting nonmilitary women lived through. I was thoroughly engaged by the extraordinary layers and levels that are presented. Splendidly eye-opening!”
  • Reader comment, 9/7/15: This was a wonderful rambling tale of pioneering lesbians. These women of war were the first to step out of the closet and into mainstream society, changing perceptions of family and friends and challenging the limiting stereotypes depicting gays and lesbians. I am thankful for their courage. I regard this book as a sort of medal to their bravery.”
  • Reader comment, 9/3/15: “The story that Kate Christie provides through her characters of CJ and Brady in In the Company of Women is wonderfully told and so pertinent to understanding a turning point in our history. I started by reading the Author’s Note & Reference List at the back of the book and it gave me a whole new perspective on why such a book should and now does exist. I think Christie truly captures the life of a very strong woman setting out to be more than societies expectations and while doing so show’s the reader how women made a stand for themselves during WWII. Spinning in a wonderful cast of supporting characters, scenery, and events makes this a truly enjoyable reading experience.”
  • Reader comment, 8/3/15: “I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t think that I would as US army/military romance books sometimes run off rail for me but this was great. The author expertly intertwined a very lovely romance into all that history. Great dialogue, plot, conflicts, just a very decent read. I enjoyed the interactions between CJ and her lady a lot. Loved the plot development it’s very rare to find romances (gay or straight) with a genuine build up these days and smart characters… 5 out of 5 for keeping me thoroughly entertained even with those fade-to-black love scenes.”

Reviews and Reader Comments for Flight, released December 2013

  • Love in the Margins, June 2014. Author Jill Sorenson wrote, “What struck me most about Flight was its authenticity. I thought of the word ‘truisms’ while I was reading. There is a lot of truthiness in the dialog and the characters’ actions. I nodded along with many passage and related to the overall feeling of being a young woman who struggles to find her way. The writing is excellent, with no typos or grammar mistakes that I noticed… People say they want more diversity! And lesbians! Especially in genres like YA and NA. Well, here it is. Low price, great story, not a debut author, and only 3 reviews on Goodreads. A-“
  • Curve magazine, January 2014. “Five stars. Kate Christie has shown with her thought-provoking novel Family Jewels that she is a force to be reckoned with in modern lesbian writing. If her newest book Flight were a meal, I would call it a most delicious serving of slow food—in this case, culinary art for the mind… This book grew on me with every page turned—the warmth of the characters, the description of places, the awesome character development, the sports scenes, the well-done historical angle (the novel is mainly set in the early 1990s), and the low-key but pervasive positive outlook on life.”
  • Reader comment, 8/22/15: “Five stars. This is a richly worded book, intelligent, insightful and thought provoking. Every time I re-read this book, and others by this author, I am enthralled anew. To some Flight seems overly complex or word superfluous, but the growth of the characters is subtle which give them depth… Considering the breadth of detail, one would think this novel would be a weighty tome, but this author has skill and uses her words incredibly well.”
  • Reader comment, 6/16/14: “I think Kate Christie is one of the best lesbian fiction authors of our time if not for all time. Her works reflect so much more than a simple story of love and growth; rather she brings characters forth that are so believable and share so much with the reader it is truly losing a friend when that last page is turned. Flight is no different and, in this reader’s opinion, may be her best work to date… Ashley Lake is an impressive character in what she has survived –things so beautifully narrated that I cried, but survival isn’t who she is and Flight is her journey into living life, focusing her dreams and finding her heart. With this novel Kate Christie has reminded me yet again, that there is more to this genre than just simple mind candy.”

Reviews and Reader Comments for Family Jewels, released October 2012

  • Rainbow Reader, February 2013: Guest Reviewer Michelle Brooks wrote, “Kate Christie takes her time developing the main characters in Family Jewels. While Junior’s character develops throughout the book, Kate does an admirable job by quickly inviting the reader into her world in such a way the reader can relate to her and her growing pains… [A]spects of Junior’s character are revealed from the beginning, [but] her father’s character develops more slowly… As the story progresses, the author skillfully allows this character to become more multi-dimensional, allowing the reader to gain a deeper understanding of,  and empathy for, his character. Family Jewels is more than a simple story about the relationship we have, or think we have with a family member. It is a story about how our perception impacts not only how we choose to interact with that individual, but how it often serves as a reflection of how we perceive ourselves.”
  • Affinity eBooks Reviews, October 2012: Reviewer Terry Baker had this to say: “Anyone looking for a straight forward lesbian romance won’t find it here. What you will find is an extremely well written book, which is rich in history and the dynamics of family relationships when one of the family is a lesbian… This book left me with a sense of well being. It’s always an added bonus for me when I’ve totally lost myself in the places with the characters an author describes. I look forward to Kate Christie’s next book eagerly.”
  • Reader comment, 12/20/12: “Family Jewels is one of those novels that will stay with you for weeks, months, and probably years after finishing it… Kate Christie takes us on an incredibly moving journey as Junior learns what family means, how love comes in so many forms, and that everyone isn’t always what they appear to be… Throughout, I laughed, cried, cussed, and encouraged Junior as she learned how to grow up and accept the challenge that life wants to offer her. Every aspect of the story was perfectly matched creating touching relationships between Junior and the supporting cast… This book is beautifully written and Kate Christie shows herself to be an incredibly talented storyteller for our time. I highly recommend it as a must-read for all.”
  • Reader comment, 11/24/12: “This is a wonderful, multi-layered insightful story that slowly blossoms… No romance here, but a wonderful study of people, of history, of finding yourself, of love and loss and of the power of family. Very well written too and I loved the description of Europe, Amsterdam: A yankee in the old world as well as the insights in Dutch midwesterners!”
  • Reader comment, 8/17/12: “This was a book you could climb into and travel with the main character Elizabeth… The other characters are equally as lovable and you get to know ol’ Fitzy personally. I felt as if I had known the people all my life. It was a beautifully written story not to be missed. Enjoy.”

Reviews and Reader Comments for Gay Pride & Prejudice, released March 2012

  • Lesbrary Reviews, December 2012: Reviewer Lena of the Lesbrary blog had the following to say after reading GPP:  “At this point, I’m kind of convinced that Kate Christie and I have some bizarre rainbow mind connection we’re not aware of yet. Not only is Gay Pride and Prejudice, her delightful book, an idea I’ve had in the back of my head for several years, but it follows the same romantic trajectory that I would have used. All I can say is, great minds think alike, and Christie has done such a marvelous job and I’m glad someone got around to gay adaptation of this story. It’s about time… Gay Pride and Prejudice is great fun to read and I’ve already told all my friends to read it twice.  I’m excited to see what’s next for Kate Christie, maybe even some more gay adaptations of classic literature.”
  • When Sally Met Sally, December 2012: Author Clare Ashton writes, “One of my favourite books this year was Gay Pride and Prejudice by Kate Christie (and Jane Austen). The original Pride and Prejudice is one of my top books and one of the few that I have re-read. Loving it so much, I’ve been tempted into reading a couple of variants/sequels which inevitably were disappointing – well, they were just not Austen. So, Kate Christie’s approach, of leaving as much of the original text as possible and embellishing it, I think is a brilliant one… Gay Pride and Prejudice is a skilled rewrite and has been done with a light touch. [It] has a clever and satisfying conclusion, and I found it a thoroughly enjoyable twist on a favourite book of mine. In fact, when I feel the need to re-read Pride and Prejudice again, I might just read Kate’s version.” The original version of this review is also available on Clare’s blog.
  • Affinity eBooks Reviews, June 2012: Reviewer Terry Baker said, “This is a wonderfully refreshing and cleverly written new take on a much loved classic. I think Kate chose exactly the right characters to write in as gay. She didn’t make the story all about the gay characters, which simply wouldn’t have sounded right. The dialogue is written in the style of the time the original book was written… I would love to see this version of Pride and Prejudice made into a film or even a TV drama. Well done Kate, on what must have been a very difficult and time-consuming task to get spot on.”
  • Reader comment, 1/13/13: “From my first viewing of the A&E Pride and Prejudice, I have been a huge fan, and this version only added to my overall delight! I have sometimes thought what the story would be like if it were of the gay persuasion but this was wonderful! Congratulations to Kate Christie on her successful adaptations! I truly hope other fans will enjoy this book as much as I have!”
  • Reader comment, 12/3/12: “Really quite a decent book. What’s so interesting is that so little of the plot has changed. Mrs. Bennett probably couldn’t tell the difference. Almost all the differences are in feelings and motivations, which is what makes it so satisfying. The radicalism of the book is that so little has changed between GP&P and the original P&P.”
  • Reader comment, 11/20/12: “Believe me when I say I COULDN’T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! It was so good!… I would say it is really Pride and Prejudice in a different angle and a much interesting love story! You’re cool Kate Christie! Looking forward to reading your other novels.”
  • Reader comment, 8/16/12: “Pride and Prejudice has always been one of my favorite books but the new twists in this one make it even more special. I think the author did a great job picking just the right characters to be gay while managing to stick to the original theme of the story. Now I have to see what other ‘gay’ classics I can find.”
  • Reader comment, 6/15/12: “Being very passionate about lesbian historical fiction, I had to leave my praise for Kate Christie’s GAY PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Her expert blending of her own additions and the words of Jane Austen are done seamlessly and with delicate respect for Austen’s original. There were no graphic sex scenes for the sake of modern romance requirements. Anyone who loves Jane Austen’s classic and lesbian historical fiction will find this book a must and one to surely add to the ‘re-read’ shelf… I wish more lesbian historical fiction were written in this manner and content.”

Reviews and Reader Comments for Beautiful Game, released July 2011

  • Just About Write review, October 2011: Reviewer RLynne of the lesbian fiction e-zine JAW had this to say about Beautiful Game: “Christie captures the life of a college jock, from the roughhousing to the incredible tension and excitement of the game.  Even those who are not soccer fans will be gripped by the exciting championship action.  And, she captures the equally incredible sweetness and heartache of a first adult love. Edited by Katherine V. Forrest, Beautiful Game is a wonderful romp back into the ups and downs of college life.  Christie’s characters are wonderful, and… San Diego is a beautiful place to visit.”
  • The Rainbow Reader review, July 2011: A reviewer of lesbian fiction gave the book a 5.1 out of 6.0, and wrote that she bought the book expecting it to be a guilty pleasure not destined for reviewing. However, “then it had to go and be fantastic,” she wrote,  “make me warm and happy inside, and refuse to let me go until I had finished the last sentence and hugged my Kindle to my chest with all the strength in my little blogging body.”
  • Reader comment, 9/3/11: “I started reading Beautiful Game yesterday afternoon. When I went to bed to read more, I just couldn’t stop. To my chagrin, it’s now 1:30AM here and I just finished the last page. Very touching story. Great characters. Thanks!”
  • Reader comment, 8/2/11: “I finished Beautiful Game last night and the only complaint I have is that it’s over. The descriptions of the soccer games, the baseball bashing, the pace of the story, the character development, all wonderful. Your best novel yet. Call me a satisfied reader, yet again. Thanks!”
  • Reader comment, 7/21/11: “I’m trying to find the right word to express how I felt as I read your book. I enjoyed it so much I was reading it slower than normal because I wanted to ‘savor’ the words, the emotions and the feeling of living back in the 90s when letters were written, long distance bills existed and a flashing red light meant a message was left. A beautiful story. And I learned a little about soccer. Thank you for this wonderful story.”

Reviews and Reader Comments for Leaving L.A., released January 2011

  • Lambda Literary Foundation review, August 2011: Pamela Bigelow of LLF gave Leaving L.A. 5 out of 5 stars, and wrote, “You’ll laugh out loud, you may even cry, but you won’t want to put this book down and undoubtedly will be annoyed when your everyday life insists that you set the book aside. Leaving L.A. could very well end up as one of the ten best books of 2011.”
  • Just About Write review, May 2011: Reviewer Anna Furtado wrote, “Leaving L.A. is a well written, absorbing story.  The attraction of the two women lingers long in the reader’s thoughts.  The relationship between them is haunting, and the character of Laya is entertaining and delightful.  This is not another ‘glamorous actress in Hollywood’ story.  It is about interesting characters that goes beyond Hollywood and allows us to see a star as a real person with desires and foibles.  A love story well worth the read.”
  • EDGE Seattle/ OUTview review, April 2011: Writer Kate West reviewed both Leaving L.A. and Solstice and had this to say about LLA: “This novel moved me and I felt much more connected to the characters than the ones in Solstice. Maybe it’s because the characters are a little older or because I could relate to some of Tess’s and Eleanor’s experiences a little more. But, regardless, I actually teared up when finding out Tess’s childhood secrets.”
  • Reader comment, 5/24/11: “I just finished reading Leaving LA and absolutely LOVED it! Thank you so much for such a wonderful story. I was so sad when I neared the end of the book ’cause I didn’t want the book to end…ever! Looking forward to reading more from you.”
  • Reader comment, 3/2/11: “I just finished Leaving L.A. I loved the story, it is a beautiful romance. The characters are great, including the extremely sweet and smart kid. Once I started reading it, it was very hard to put it down until the end.”

Reviews and Reader Comments for Solstice, released March 2010

  • EDGE Seattle/ OUTview review, April 2011: Writer Kate West reviewed both Leaving L.A. and Solstice and had this to say about Solstice: “The story is told in first person narrative by each of the characters in turn, flipping back and forth between the thoughts, feelings and perspective of each protagonist. I enjoyed this view into the brains of Sam and Emily, and I found it entertaining and interesting to get the take each of the characters had on the same situations. And, I have to admit I loved reading about the streets, neighborhoods, zoo and even our local WNBA team here in Seattle. Christie did an excellent job on the details and this first effort was an enjoyable read.”
  • Reader comment, 10/4/10: “Thank you for a great story. I particularly enjoyed knowing what was going on in both Sam and Emily’s minds as the relationship developed. Looking forward to Leaving L.A.”
  • Reader comment, 5/2/10: “Just finished your book Solstice.  It was great! I hope you continue writing such wonderful stories about women and trials we all go through to find that ‘right one.'”
  • Reader comment, 4/25/10: “I read that this was your first published book, congrats, as it’s great!  I bought it Friday, read it Saturday, and had to email you on today, Sunday, because I enjoyed it so much!  You write beautifully about life in Seattle–I pictured every spot you mentioned!”

21 Responses to Reviews/ Reader Comments

  1. Sloan says:

    Can’t wait for Family Jewels, from the excerpt your writing looks to be as solid as ever!

  2. Charley Kopp says:

    I started Solstice, the first of yours books I found, ten days ago; I’ve read your five books now, Solstice and Beautiful Game twice. I’m on a second pass thru Leaving LA (which came last because it’s not on nook). I love knowing these characters, and feel deeply touched by their stories. You’re a great writer, and I’ll certainly read everything you do. I’m a straight guy in my 60s; there have been lesbians in my inner circle 40 odd years now, but interestingly there was still a lot for me to learn in your books, too. I could go on and on about all the ways these stories work well, but to be of a reasonable length I’ll just say, thank you so very much. You’ve given me a lot.

    • Hi Charley. Thank you for the lovely note. I’m very happy to hear that my books have meant something to you–a writer is lucky if even one person they’re not related to finds meaning in the characters they invent for the stories that clamor to be told. A note like yours is wonderful to receive, and in my case, inspires me to keep writing despite the many other commitments in my daily life. Today is the start of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, during which thousands of people commit to writing 50,000 words (about 200 pages) of a novel. That’s how I wrote the first draft of Leaving LA, in 2009. This year, I’m hoping to finish revising another novel, Flight, by the end of the month. That means working late at night after the work day ends and after my daughter goes to bed. Knowing there are actual readers out there waiting to read the book will help keep me going as the late nights pile up!

      Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch–and for reading my books. Much appreciated.

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  4. Peter Grahame & Henry Seale, co-authors Considering George says:

    Hi Kate!
    Imagine our surprise when we opened up Amazon to have a look at our book, to find that your book was also viewed by readers! We ordered your book Gay P&P at once and look forward to reading it– and we hope you will get yourself a copy of our Gay themed P&P novel, Considering George–which, of course, is also available on Amazon. In it we discover that the seeming rascal George Whickam has been misunderstood, is Gay, and has been Gay all along. It’s his coming out story and has a very happy ending. If you get to read it, we’d love to hear what you have to say.

  5. ROs says:

    Hey Kate , i have just finished reading both Training Ground and Game Time and really enjoyed readi g them.
    When i got to the end of Game Time and saw Outside the lines the 3rd book i was straight onto amazon to buy it to read on my kindle but it is not on amazon.
    Can you let me know if it will be and when please.

    Cheers Ros

    • Hi Ros. Thanks for getting in touch. I’m currently working on book three, Outside the Lines, which is why it isn’t available yet! I’ll send a note out to my mailing list when it’s ready to be ordered (probably late winter/early spring, possibly sooner), so you might consider joining that if you haven’t already. I’m glad you’re intrigued and want to read on! Happy reading- Kate

  6. Fred Christian says:

    Just reviewing Training Ground and Game Time didn’t seem like sufficient appreciation for the reading pleasure they gave me. It has been many years since I’ve been captivated by a story and characters as riveting as these two books. Your writing is so fluid and your dialog so realistic and believable. But it’s your vivid and detailed description of Jamie and Emma that truly captured my imagination. I feel as if I know them or want to know these two complex women. Of course you have more insight than me into the problems facing same sex couples; but some of the things that brought them together and drove them apart are common to all relationships whether gay, straight, bi or any permutation thereof. If you’ll forgive me I think that’s what makes these two books more than a lesbian romance and simply a classic story of two people in love, even if they don’t know it all the time. So now while I wait for the third book, I’ll read your take on another of my favorite novels: Pride and Prejudice. Thanks again for such an enjoyable and satisfying reading experience and I look forward to many more in your other books. Thank your for sharing your gift and artistry with us through your writing.

    • Hi Fred. Wow! Thanks so much for the positive reviews and for taking the time to get in touch here. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed TG and GT. One of my goals in writing fiction about LGBT folks is to convey the universality of the human experience in a culture that often marks us as “other” (which translates into “less than” in most cases). From your comments, it seems as if I have succeeded at least somewhat on that front! I definitely agree with you that the issues Jamie and Emma face are not unique to same-sex relationships. I also agree that their story isn’t “just a romance”–not to take anything away from the romance genre, which gave my career as a published writer a start and has allowed me to finally step away from a day job (four weeks in and counting!) to give full-time writing a whirl. I genuinely believe that romantic fiction, when written well, can move beyond merely fulfilling genre conventions into an exploration of character and life events that more deeply reflect our common (and not so common) lived experiences. I’m flattered to hear that you apparently think I have managed that.

      Thanks for giving my other works a try. Gay P&P is mostly Austen, just slightly tweaked, and it’s difficult to go wrong with Jane Austen… Happy reading, and thanks again so much for your kind words and for reaching out!


  7. Aaki bel says:

    so… i already read your books training ground and game time (four time each), and i really, (and i serious about this ) really need the release of the book three. so… please! no more waiting! i have to know what hapen whit blakewell. oh i almost forgot to say what a good books!

    • Hello! Thanks for getting in touch. Wow–four times! I am so impressed. I am definitely working on book 3. It’s all plotted out, so that’s the good news. The bad news is it won’t be ready for some time yet. I have several projects I’m working on currently, as well as some other things that I’m dealing with in real life that are taking up quite a bit of time and energy. But it will get done! I wish it could be sooner, too.

      Thanks again for writing. I really appreciate hearing from readers! Best, KJC

      • Aaki bel says:

        You don’t have to be so impressed the books are really good, i rarely read the same book twice. i hope everything work out for you!

  8. Aaki bel says:

    hey congrats on the new book outside the lines! i hope to have the money to buy it later. I’M sure that is amazing just like the others!

    • Hi! Thanks for the note. Sorry about the late reply. I’m not good at keeping up on my blog, obviously… If you haven’t gotten a copy of Outside the Lines yet, I would be happy to chat about sending you a complimentary (electronic) copy. You can email me at katejchristie at gmail. Otherwise, thanks again for getting in touch, and happy reading!! -Kate

  9. Katie says:

    Hiya I’m just wondering if there’s any news regarding your release of the fourth instalment into the girls of summer series?

    • Hi Katie. It looks like Book 4 won’t be out until February now. We had a death in our extended family that impacted my work, but I’m hoping to have the book completed by mid-February and ready for release by the 25th or so. Thanks for your interest in the Girls of Summer. Look for an update to the mailing list soon.

      Happy 2019!


      • Katie says:

        Hi so sorry for your loss. It’s such a pleasure to read any off your books leaves me on a cliff hanger waiting for your next one that’s all :). Can’t wait for it to come out. Hope this new year brings you all some joy.

      • Thanks so much for your patience. Book four is available now as a pre-order! (E-book only; paperback will be out in early March.) Happy reading! Oh, and here’s the link:

  10. Katie says:

    Hiya I’m just wondering if part 2 of book four of girls of summer book will be out before the women’s World Cup?

    • That’s the hope! It will definitely be out before the World Cup final match in July, but I’m hoping to get it out in early June or even late May if I can. Thanks for the interest, and I’ll keep you posted!

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