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Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m Kate Christie, a lesbian fiction writer currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. My first novel, Solstice, was released by Bella Books in March 2010; my second, Leaving L.A., in January 2011; and my third, Beautiful Game, in July 2011. In March 2012, I decided to break out on my own with Gay Pride & Prejudice, a queer variation on Jane Austen’s classic romance novel. Family Jewels followed in September 2012, and Flight in December 2013. In the Company of Women, a WWII romance set on the US home front, was released by Bella Books in June 2015. My latest titles, the Girls of Summer series, feature strong women competing to play soccer for the US Women’s National Team at the 2015 World Cup. To read descriptions of each book along with first chapters, please visit my web site at www.katejchristie.com.

In addition to being an author of lesbian fiction, I am a parent of multiple “littles” as we call them. My wife, Kris, gave birth to our first daughter, Alex, in February 2011, and our twins Ellie and Sydney in April 2013. Whew…

My intent is to use this blog to ruminate on fiction-writing and parenting, to explore the differences between the two and any intersections, along with any other topic that seems interesting on any given day. Although as a parent of small fries I may have to work to find time and energy to write, I plan to check in here as often as I can. Wish me luck!

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to share any feedback. Happy reading and writing to all!

8 Responses to About Me

  1. Love Love Loved Beautiful Game, read it in a day. Being an athlete growing up and a bit into adulthood, I had been craving a book just like this and would LOVE to be able to find more. Thank you for such a wonderful book that all of us former lesbian jocks had been missing in the lesbian genre. Keep it up cannot wait for your next novel…any hints? hehe! Best of wishes in writing, home and family!

  2. Love your work. I really enjoyed Leaving L.A. The pictures of your child are really cute. She looks like a very happy kid. Looking forward to the Gay and Lesbian Pride and Prejudice. Sounds like an interesting concept.

    • Thanks, Sherry! I’m always happy to hear from someone who likes my work–naturally. 🙂 Glad to hear that you enjoyed Leaving LA, and that GPP sounds interesting. And of course, thanks for saying nice things about our daughter. She is indeed a happy, low-key kid. We count ourselves lucky daily, and couldn’t be happier ourselves to have her in our lives. Thanks again for getting in touch, and happy reading!

  3. romerlyn says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your delightful football (in its UK meaning) related books. Their only tiny flaw was that you failed to exploit soccer’s wonderfully baroque (or is it rococo) offside law when you dipped into the soccer rulebook to explain certain actions on the field.

    I mention it because in the UK two Sky football presenters lost their jobs when heard “off mike” passing condescending remarks about a woman assistant referee’s likely understanding of that offside law. This was hilarious because it was Sky (essentially owned by “Lord” Murdoch of Fox) & because match developments clearly demonstrated that she did understand the law. Please, Kate, use this in your next soccer book. Yes … let’s have another one!

    BTW: Now read all your books. Great stuff! Like your style. GP&P was seriously good. I bet it was the book that Aunt Jane wished she’d written! Wonder what the US Jane Austen Society thought of it? ……….. Eeeek! What’s next? “War and Peace” fits the bill!

    • Thanks for getting in touch. I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed my books, particularly the football-themed ones. I considered touching on offsides in one of the books, but trying to explain the rule verbally in person with the support of hand gestures often fails, so I decided not to try it in writing! But perhaps in the next novel–I am hoping to pen a romance between a soccer player and a beach volleyball star at the London Olympics, if I can only find time to write it! Parenting a toddler and working have left slim pickings in my schedule, and even slimmer amounts of energy, as one might imagine. If I can manage it, though, I promise to use offsides as a plot point–perhaps exploiting the obscure and often misunderstood deflection and/ or “passive” portions of the rule. Remember when even used to be off? Hmm. Food for thought!

      Not sure what mainstream Jane Austen fans think of Gay P&P–the bloggers have refused to review it so far, so… But queer readers seem to enjoy it, which is what matters most to my mind! Thanks again for the note, and happy reading.

  4. romerlyn says:

    I’ve got it. 🙂 Kate Christie version of Brief Encounter.
    London 2012. Stratford Station. Megan Rapinoe based character on way out (Manchester/ Newcastle?). Iranian/ Chinese woman wrestler/ boxer on way in. Tilda Swinton to play “Megan” returning to London after 30 years in the film. I rest my case!

    • Yay, Megan Rapinoe for coming out publicly! And, of course, for being an awesome soccer player. 🙂 I’ll have to add your idea to my files of potential awesome lesbian love stories. Thanks for sharing. P.S. GO USA–three golds in a row… Sorry, Japan.

  5. Ron Webster says:

    European Women’s Footie Championships started in Sweden yesterday. First match was a dull 0-0 affair between Italy & Finland but the second was a cracker. Sweden-Denmark 1-1. 2 dynamic waves of (natural) blonde ponytails crashing onto the rocks of their opposing goalies in see-saw fashion (mixed metaphor alert!). Long ball Sweden v neat short passing Denmark (“the Danes are all midfielders” said the commentator “how are they going to score”). Sweden had 2 pens which failed. My favourite German Policewoman was Ref & got one pen right & one wrong. Ca va! England playing today but ….. Allez France (being Welsh)!

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